Beyond the Jungle


54 years before written India’s first rare Adivasi autobiography in English by Sita Rathnamal.



In Beyond the Jungle we see the young Adivasi girl’s (Sta Rathnamal) struggle to adapt her forest-reared mind and body to the sophistication of school and then to the exigencies and discipline of hospital work. She also suffers the desperate pangs of early love instead of making the usual simple, carefully checked and arranged marriage of her own people. In the end she is drawn back to find solace in the primitive forces of nature, in the trees and mountains of her native land. This first Adivasi autobiography, which has become rare in India, is being published after 54 years. It is not only a collectible but it also introduces us to a totally unique narration style and aesthetics of Adivasi autobiography. The preface of Vandna Tete, an advocate of Adivasi philosophy, makes it more important in our times.

First Edition March 2022 | paperback 220 pages

ISBN 9789393978400


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